About us

Aquariumkid is an online aquarium magazine that aims to provide people in the aquarium hobby the information they need to succeed in the hobby, in the most simplistic way possible. Hence the name Aquariumkid. A child should be able to understand our content and learn enough about the hobby trough our content to be successful in the hobby. Disclaimer, our magazine is not targeted at children, this is simply a metaphor.

Our Pilars

In order to succeed in our goal to spread easy and right the to the point information about the aquarium hobby, we use the following pillars:

Our guarantees.

We keep our articles simple and straight to the point. We don’t add any useless information to make our articles artificially long.

Less is more

how we aim for quality

We know what we are talking about. We only make articles based on own experience. If we review a light, we used it for our self. If we write a care sheet for a fish, we kept it for years and have succeeded in keeping them happy and healthy. In this way we guarantee good content

Based on our own experience

We know what we are talking about.

We focus on the best price to quality ratio, the cheapest , yet most beautiful ways to do something and we write for the 20’th century. This means we keep the size of your place in mind.


We write for generation z and MILLENNIALS

Do you have a question or complaint?

we are always looking for new ways to improve our articles.
If you have a suggestion to better our articles, do you have a complain or a question? Feel free to contact us and we will be back at you as soon as we can.

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