Dwarf freshwater shrimps have become increasingly populair in the aquarium hobby. People keep them because they’re great bottom feeders or they like their wide range of colours and sizes. In this guide I’ll tell you the basics information you need to successfully keep Freshwater Shrimps in your tank.

Introduction to Freshwater Shrimps

There are plenty of shrimp species, so there’s a shrimp for everyone’s taste. However, this is a guide about keeping shrimps, so if you are interested in different species for your aquarium check out this amazing guide from: Aquariumadivser in the link below.

The 10 Best Shrimps for freshwater Aquarium

Freshwater shrimp tank size

Smaller shrimp species can be kept in a tank that’s about 18L (5G) and bigger species often time need a 40L (10G) or 75L (20G) tank to ensure healthy habitat for them to live in.

Freshwater shrimp watertemprature

Water requirements are important, Shrimps are sensitive to your water paramaters. So it is important to do right. First of all, you need a cycled tank and a good filter. Shrimps are very sensitive to high nitrate levels.

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PH levels are somewhat less important. PH levels between 6 and 8.5 will do. In my own experience, a somewhat lower PH level is better. Higher quality Shrimps are less sensitive to poor water qualities and fluctuations. So keep that in mind.

Shrimp Tank setup

Shrimps like plants, lots of decorations and hiding places. I’m an aquascpe guy and I personally believe that a beautiful planted tank is the way to go for shrimps. Not only help plants stabilise your tank, it also gives so much hiding spots for your shrimps and you can really make their colors pop.


Freshwater Shrimps are great addition to your tank. They are not super hard to keep and will guarantee hours of enjoyment. However, it is important to have a good eye on your water levels and they like a lots of decorations.