The anubias barter, better known as ‘Anubias’ is an extremely easy plant to keep in you aquarium and therefore the perfect beginner plant. Oh, and it’s gorgeous


Most Hobbyists think the Anubias is a waterplant, this is not completely true, it is in fact a swamp plant. It does however grow underwater, but at a slower rate. It grows a new leaf every three weeks or so, this is great for people who don’t have time to trim their plants every week.

In Short:

Origins: West-Africa

Max length 45cm

Preferred temperature: 22-28 degrees

Light: Low to medium lightning

Placement: Background or midground

Co2: Not needed

PH 6-7,5

water Hardness: Soft.

Anubias species:

1. Anubias Nana

Also known as the mini variant of the Anubias. In contrast with the other Anubias species, the Anubis’s Nana is perfect to plant In

thee foreground of your tank and has no problem with strong lightning.

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2. Anubias Congensis

The Anubias Congensis is much bigger than the Anubias Nana and is darker in color. The plant is best suited for the background of your tank and does not appreciate strong lightning.

3. Anubias Heterophylla

This variant has the swampiest appearance of its siblings and I find that leathery effect very beautiful. In terms of requirements, this aquarium plant is just as easy as its cousins ​​in the family.

The petioles are much longer than, for example, with the Anubias Nana and the leaves are spear-shaped. The veins of the leaf are very present, which also contributes to the robust appearance of this variant. The Anubias Heterophylla is one of the largest varieties from the Anubias family.


If you are considering an Anubias plant for your tank, I should definitely go for it. The plant is beautiful, and has lots of variants for you to pick from. It’s easy to keep alive and super rewarding.