Picking fish for your nano tank can be a difficult task. Fortunately there are still many fish to pick from, here is my top 5.

5. Pea Puffers

Pea Puffers are the new cool kids in town. And for good reason, for starters, it’s the smallest pea freshwater pea puffer in the hobby and therefore they are suitable for nano tanks. They are super cute and really interesting to watch. Depending on how you decorate, you can keep 4 to 6 pea puffers in you tank. be careful for males though, they are highly territorial. Keep your puffers in a pea puffer only tank, they are predators after all. You can decorate and aquascape your pea puffer tank in everyway you want. Just make sure they have plenty of hiding spaces and add some ways to cut of the view to every angle of the tank.

Check my Pea Puffer caresheet here: https://aquariumkid.com/2019/10/13/how-to-successfully-keeping-pea-puffers/

4. Rosy Loach

3. Neon Green Tetra

2. Betta fish

You know this one was going to be on this list… And with good reason, betas aren’t just one of the most populair aquarium fish because they are quite easy to keep. Betta’s are so populair because they are gorgeous. There are countless different colours and betta shapes for you to choose from and honestly they don’t require a lot to be healthy and happy. If you want to know everything about keeping Betty’s, check this guide:

1. Scarlet Badis